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entrepreneurial design


group: all ui/ux

bronte giardina— research, financials, some illustration, mockups, post production, business development

aimy martinez ads, merchandise, presentation, branding & identity

callie gabbert concept, most illustration, identity

michelle guzman concept, identity

tullie fulsomfinancials, research, business development




moving sucks… especially when you move frequently, are strapped for cash, and in a town everyone moves around the same time.  in other words — a college student in a college town. hiring help is costly, planning is difficult and timelines around semester change move in/move out in a college-dominated town are tricky at best, and sometimes impossible.




get handl on it

connecting student needs with local resources. linking students with community residents who have time, space and equipment to achieve the move with storage for short time periods between semesters without having to haul it all home.




connecting need with opportunity

students: college-oriented apartment leases often have a short period of open time of several weeks between leases. sure, the student can find places to crash like a friend’s sofa or opt for a quick trip home,  but what about all their sh*t? 

locals:  people who live as permanent residents in college towns often have available space in a garage or attic, own cars and wouldn’t turn up a nose at some extra cash in a town where the part-time job market is fairly flooded.  

app flow

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