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curiosity cafe

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curious cafe

business concept & identity




at curious cafe our goal is to encourage education, curiosity, and learning. it was really important for us to encourage education, and be a safe place where people can explore their minds judgement free. we want people to figure out what they really want to do, who they are, and ask anything without fear.


curious cafe being so close to texas state university would be an ideal place for students and teachers to get out of the library and into the real world with each other. we wanted to be a good place for students to explore their curiosities in whatever that may be. most importantly we want to be a safe space for all communities to come together— to face their fears with open minds, compromise, and real adult discussions.


color palette



questa family is extensive: great for a growing brand with needs ranging from small web type to print, we fell in love with this classically inspired font.


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illustration style

for a beautiful look that was just as informational and interesting as our owners and clientele we looked back to traditional scientific observational journals.