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hiya! I’m brontë

pronounced “bron-tee”


i am a designer with a passion for people. with interests in all kinds of design i am often most drawn to human centered, and entrepreneurial projects. don’t get me wrong… i love finding the best type pairings, color palette, and trademark for a brand—or even more— finding the perfect paper for a project *drools*. that isn’t why i want to be a designer, for me it’s the power to make people look at anything in a new light if approached correctly. right now with my passion project coop, i am looking at how we can start solving the affordable housing crisis.

when i am not trying to get my design work to change the world, you can probably find me with my nose in a book, or watching netflix while cooking. if i’m not home— i’m probably out hiking in the woods or mountains with my dog, artemis, and taking more pictures than ever necessary.

take a look at my work and if you like what you see please feel free to contact me. i look forward to hearing from you!


i Would love to hear from you!

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aka: “artie” & “fluffy butt”


hi im artie! i’m 1/2 german shepherd, 1/2 husky— hence nickname fluffy butt. i am a sweet old (9 y/o) permanent puppy who loves to lie around the house, and cover my people with my fur. when I am not napping i’m probably throwing my own toys around or being naughty and goin for the trash.