bronte giardina

texas burlesque fest


texas burlesque festival


re-branding, art-direction, illustration

Published Silver award in 2019 Graphis new talent annual

awarded aiga flux honorable mention


old logo


burlesque has a rich history, and has changed drastically through time into a quirky art-form, often misunderstood.  the current brand is cartoonish, causing the brand to appear kitschy rather than robust. 



Inspired by letterpress and vintage photo treatments (imagery), the brand is directed back to its roots with a few modern twists. classic forms pulled into modern applications.


color palette




Madawaska Typography

body copy


brand voice


bold and unapologetic, our brand voice remains informative while remaining playful and fun. consider us to be your quirky aunt, available to lead you safely through the fringes; hoping to enlighten you to the inappropriate things your parents never will. 



voyeurs: young people of legal drinking age seeking a new nightlife social scene. 

performers: we are a global community open and welcoming the best modern burlesque entertainers to perform and teach


illustration styles


as our media presence is public, nudity is alluded to in the abstract. we want you to assume it happens but not offend the average joe.


photo styles

vintage black and white hardline chrome.  the focus is on our amazing performers —the people—not their clothes (or lack thereof).


illustrations: me, photography: wiki commons